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Ryan McKibben, Principal

With 17 years experience in architecture , Ryan McKibben, AIA, NCARB, holds professional licenses in North Carolina,  South Carolina, and Illinois. Born in Illinois his formative years were spent   in constant admiration of   good design by  architects like  Frank Lloyd Wright.  His education includes degrees from Clemson University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

His own passion for good design can only be verified  by the enthusiastic support   of his   Clientele. He considers good  design to be  first of all functional, then beautiful, durable, and cost-efficient. The design process is a journey of discovery, vision, and revision. To lead the creation of purposeful, beautiful, and durable space, Ryan first draws out the client's goals and dreams. Only then can he create spaces that actually expand and advance the success of a client's experience at personal, business, and community levels.